Given enough rope, some people will hang themselves…

 Cain’s rebuttal to allegations of sexual misconduct included remarks such as: “The accusations never happened.” This is simply not true.  It is precisely because he was accused that he needed to make a rebuttal.

What he meant to say or should have said was “allegations” were false, not “accusations” never happened (if he was innocent of them).  Although I do not believe he is innocent, I do believe he is ignorant—but not for the same reasons he does.

Cain claims ignorance regarding any involvement with his accusers to the point of saying that he doesn’t even remember some of them—-but he knows there will be more coming forward.  How does he know that?

One thing is sure though—-he is willing to take a lie detector test, but he won’t do it without good reason…whatever that means to him. 

Now, too, the Democrat “machine” is to blame.  When the story first broke, it was Perry’s doing.  Cain doesn’t seem to be able to make up his mind or stick to his story.

One constant that runs through stories like these is the kind of delusional character at the center of the action.  Such people believe they will not be caught and, even if they are caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar, they believe they will not be blamed.  It is the fall back position of the narcissistic personality type to blame others when they are at fault. 

Some of the conspiracy theory stuff sounds way too familiar, too.  I look at the vast right wing conspiracy (as the Clintons would have had us believe years ago) with the same doubts that I look at this current left wing conspiracy cooked up by Cain and his cronies.

It is also an insult to worthy women everywhere to be subjected to wives of politicians who should know better.  The wives in these cases should have the backbone to leave their husbands or at least have the gumption not to defend them publicly and as such “stand by their man” as the song goes.

So we’ve seen this song and dance before.  Black or white, Republican or Democrat, this woman’s opinion remains the same.  This kind of conduct is disgraceful.